About Rohit Kumar

Rohit Kumar Hindi Gyan

Hello Dear, friends my name is Rohit kumar.

I am also an engineer and blogger by profession! Blogging is my passion as well as my work,

I love blogging I love helping you all!

I have spent more than 5 years in blogging! I share my experiences and learned things with all of you and will continue to do so!

I will keep giving you a lot of information related to internet on this blog for free!

I am a professional Android developer, I will also keep giving you all the information related to Android on my blog! You can visit our YouTube channel to get information related to Android!

Our YouTube channel is named Web Tricks Hindi! There I give information related to making a blog, earning online, developing websites!

I have been blogging online since 2015 and running a YouTube channel! This is the best way for me to convey information to all of you and also earn online! Although I am an electrical engineer but I am now a full time blogger and developer!

I have worked on more than 20 websites in 5 years! Some of which you all know about the website! I have made more than 1000 websites so far and all people are working well and all of them are making money online!

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