Essay on Crime for College Student | Definition, Types and How to Stop

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What is Crime Definition

Crime is an act or group of acts, which disturb the peace of the state or cause violence or pollute ordinary life. For which punishment has been provided in the law, it is called a crime. The crime can be against the state too! and may also be against the person.

Definition of Crime according to the Black Stone

Essay on Crime

The offense is the act of such an act that has been done in violation of public law, is called an offense.

According to the Nature of the crime, offenses are of two types.

  • Cognizable Offense
  • Non-cognizable Offense

Cognizable Offense:- An Offense in which the police can arrest a person without any warrant is called a cognizable offense.

Non-cognizable Offense:- Offense in which the police do not have the right to arrest without any warrant is called a Non-cognizable Offense.

In the Indian Penal Code, the Offense is divided into three parts.

  • Crime against the state
  • Crime against the human body
  • Crime against property

How many Stages in doing crime

There are some main stages of committing a crime! Out of which the main four stages are Intention, Preparation, Attempt, and Execution of the Crime,

There are many types of crime in today’s time, Crime is increasing day by day in India and the world, which is very harmful to society and the country.

Whenever a person commits a crime, He has to go through many kinds of troubles. He is also punished under the legal process and that person falls from the eyes of society.

When a person thinks before committing a crime that, If I committed this crime, then I can be punished, so that person escapes from committing a crime. behind the crime is the thinking of man, that person does what he thinks.

When a person causes harm to another person for his own benefit then there is a possibility of crime because he does not think for his own benefit that the work he is doing is wrong, so he becomes a criminal by doing that work.

In Today’s time Cybercrime, Kidnapping, Murder, Bribery, etc. is the type of Crime. in which cybercrime has been encouraged the most.

Cybercrime can be committed alone or with the help of certain individuals. The sector most affected by cybercrime are the Banking sector, Computer Hacking, Social Media hacking, and Blackmailing of information about a particular person.

Making Objectional comments on someone’s social media accounts or using someone’s content without any permission also comes under the category of crime. You can also be punished for this.

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How to Stop Crime

Crime can not be completely eliminated from society but it can be reduced to some extent.

To Stop this there is a need to make social awareness, education, and some strict laws. Which can prevent crime from increasing.

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