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Everyone has a story pdf,If you want to download Everyone has a story PDF then you have come to the right place. Everyone has a story is written by Savi Sharma. The quality of Everyone has a story Pdf is quite good. You can download everyone has a story to tell pdf for free here.

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Everyone has a story has mainly 4 characters that is Meera, vivan, kabir, nisha. This is book which has a story of friendship and love.

About Savi Sharma

Savi sharma is Indian author, novelist. Savi sharma has wrote many bestselling books like Everyone has a story, Friendship love and life. Savi sharma is also an author of motivational blog “Life and people”. In that she writes about positivity, law of attraction, spirituality. She was born in Surat, Gujarat,India. She was born in the year 18 July 1996. Her books are mainly based on romance,fiction, motivational.

She also published Everyone has a story part 2 which crossed the sales of 1 lakh copies. This books have been bestselling in Amazon’s bestseller and Nielsan bookscan.

Author Savi sharma
PUBLISHED IN2 August 2015
No of pages184
Genre Fiction, Contemporary romance

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Everyone has a story PDF download

Download Everyone has a story PDF for free

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