HDFC Bank UPI RuPay Credit Card Benfits, Apply & Eligibility

Hello, friends, today I am going to tell all of you about HDFC Bank UPI RuPay Credit Card, it has launched a new credit from HDFC Bank! What are the benefits of this new HDFC UPI RuPay Credit Card, how can you apply for it and what should be your eligibility?

What is HDFC Bank UPI RuPay Credit Card?

HDFC Bank UPI RuPay Credit Card

HDFC Bank UPI RuPay Credit Card has just been launched by HDFC Bank, it is a Rupay company credit card which is completely an Indian company!

It is known from the name of this HDFC UPI Credit card that you can make UPI payments with this credit card! Earlier, you could not make UPI payments with all the credit cards of HDFC Bank.

But in today’s time, UPI Payment has increased very fast, due to which there was a lot of decrease in the use of Credit Card, seeing which this card was launched so that people can use UPI Rupay Credit instead of their Debit Card!

Important Features of HDFC UPI RuPay Credit Card

  • You can add it with your own Online Payment Wallet! You can connect with platforms like Paytm, Bhim, Phone pe, etc. and you can pay directly with your credit card!
  • 3% Cashpoints on Groceries, SuperMarket & Dining spends & PayZapp transactions. (Maximum of 500 Points can be earned in a calendar month)
  • 2% Cashpoints on Utility spends (A maximum of 500 Points can be earned in a calendar month)
  • 1% Cashpoints on other spends (Excluding Rent, Wallet loads, EMI, Fuel & Government categories) (Maximum of 500 Points can be earned in a calendar month)
  • If you make daily payments with this credit card, then you keep getting more attractive offers from HDFC Bank!
  • This is a virtual card, if you apply for this card, then you do not get this card in physical form, you get it in virtual form!

Benefits of UPI RuPay Credit Card

When you take a credit card, you always take it for your benefits, so if you take this HDFC UPI Rupay Card, then what are its benefits? Let’s know

  • The first benefit of this card is that you can make UPI payments with this card.
  • By making UPI payment with UPI Rupay Credit, you get many benefits, in this, you get reward points on every payment, in this you get up to 3% cashback point!
  • You get this new credit card in virtual form, you can see and manage it in your MyCard application! And due to being a virtual card, no cloning can happen, due to which this card of yours remains secure!
  • In this, you get 0.25 paise on 1 point in the card, that is, you get 1 rupee for 4 points! Which you can redeem in your account!

How to Apply for New UPI Credit Card

If you also want to apply for this new UPI credit card, then for this you must already have a credit card of HDFC Bank, only then you can apply for this new credit card!

If you do not have any credit card, then you cannot apply for this new credit card, because it is a virtual credit card, and this card gets attached to your earlier card!

The limit of this card is also the same as the limit of your previous credit card, that is, the limit of your previous credit card is 40,000, then the limit of your new credit card will also be 40,000.

To apply, first of all, you have to open the MyCard application of HDFC BANK, after that, a new banner will be visible under your credit card, in which you will see the option of Apply Now UPI Rupay Card!

UPI RuPay Credit Card

After clicking on Apply Now, you have to submit it after checking its terms and condition, after that, your card will be applied, and after that, you are issued this new card after verification from the bank. !

UPI RuPay Credit Card

How to Link UPI Rupay Card to BHIM, Paytm, Phone Pe

When this card is issued to you, to use it, you have to link it with your payment application, only then you can use this credit card!

  • Download the BHIM app from Play Store / App Store
  • Register your account with BHIM App for UPI Payments (if not already done)
  • Open BHIM App -> Enter Passcode -> Click on Bank account ->Add Account
  • Select Credit Card -> Select Credit Card Issuer Bank (HDFC Bank) -> Select your HDFC Bank Credit Card ->Confirm
  • Click to view accounts -> Select from available options
  • Enter HDFC Bank RuPay Credit Card details
  • Last 6 Digits & Expiry date
  • Enter OTP
  • Enter Credit Card PIN
  • Set UPI PIN

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