List of Question Asked in Interview | Full details with Guidance

Usually, these types of questions are put to the candidates immediately after their entry into the room. The IO asks some basic questions which can be easily answered by the candidate and the candidate feels at ease with the IO.

These questions may be :

  • Which place you are coming from and tell me something about that place?
  • Tell me something about your name and what is the meaning of your name?
  • Tell five things about your native place, which you like most or dislike? How to answer?

For the first question, the answer should not be like this, Sir I am from Patna.

But the answer should be Sir I am from Patna, a northern District and coastal city of Bihar which is also the capital of Bihar. The population is about ……………………

And the main occupation of the people are …………………….. It is famous for ……………………

Like this, the answer should cover the major activities of Patna. This gives a broad of approach of your answer and it shows your awareness also.

The answer given to the IO should be crystal clear and optimistic (positive) and truthful. It is quite easy to answer the introductory questions.



Personal Questions are those questions which are directly related to you, and to those questions the best person to give the answer is you. These questions may vary for candidate to candidate by generally are in some line so you must introspect yourself to answer these questions.

             Once an Interviewing Officer asked a candidate if I come to your city then where you will take me around. The candidate said I will take you to the disc. Then IO repeated this word three times disc, disc, disc, and then said is it disco. So, by this example, we would like to tell you that don’t try to show off in interviews and specially do not use your SMS code word in Interviews.

  1. Meaning of Father’s / Mother’s/ Siblings/ Your Own Name.
  2. Details about your religion and cast if you are strong follower to these things.
  3. Do you have a Girl Friend if yes then already for follow up questions and if No then why you don’t you have one.
  4. Your Linking and disliking of particular matter.
  5. Your compression with your Father/Mother/Brother/Sibling.
  6. Question about your School Life.
  7. Subjects and Teacher you like and whom you don’t like that much and why?
  8. Among you Father and Mother whom you like the most why.
  9. Do you smoke or drinks?

The list of questions doesn’t end here but if you think before taking an action in your life then you can easily answer these questions. For example, a candidate was having Biology and Mathematics in 12th class but he did B.Tech. So, the IO said you were having Bio in 12th then why you didn’t became a Doctor. So from the example, as the candidate decided to do B. Tech and this is his own choice so he can easily tell why he did that, no website, no book, or coaching institute can give you the reason for all these kinds of questions you have to yourself justify your answers.


  1. How much did you score in your tenth, twelfth and graduation?
  2. Why is there decrease in the marks level and what did you do to overcome the weak areas?
  3. Which subjects did you like more and why?
  4. Which subjects you did not like and why?
  5. Achievements during your student days?
  6. Tell me all something interesting about your school and college.
  7. Which teacher did you like most and why?
  8. Which teacher you don’t like and why?
  9. Why have you chosen to study this branch or engineering etc?
  10. Whether you have chosen a particular branch of study on your own or your parents asked you to do so?
  11. Why is there some gap in studies between inter college and graduation.
  12. What do you friends and teachers think about you?
  13. How do you think about your friends and teachers?
  14. Tell me about your specific achievements during your study


  1. How much pocket money did you get in your college days and how much of it you could use?
  2. Did you help your mother and father during your holidays?
  3. You are close to, father or mother, and why?
  4. What do you like about your sister and brother?
  5. Whom you like most and why?
  6. Which person other than in your family and friends you like more and why?
  7. How are your parents utilizing their income and are you satisfied with that.
  8. If your family is totally dependent on you, or how do you plan to help your family?


  1. How will you find new friends?
  2. What type of people you want to be friendly with?
  3. How many friends do you have?
  4. Out of these friends how many are close to you?
  5. What all you like in your best friend and what all he likes in you?
  6. What your friend or friends talk about you?
  7. What quality do you like in your close friends?
  8. How do you spend time with your friends?


  1. What is your hobby?
  2. Why you have chosen this hobby?
  3. For how long are you pursuing this hobby?
  4. What are the things that you have learnt from your hobby?
  5. Why do you change the childhood hobby to this (recent) one?
  6. The different types of hobbies are music, singing, blogging, reading, philately, photography, trekking etc. Create questions based on your hobby and find responses for that to get a good knowledge about them.
  7. What types of news channels, TV shows you see and which periodicals you used to read and why?


  1. Which games do you like and why?
  2. Why you have chosen an indoor game rather than an outdoor game?
  3. What is your position in the team i.e., as a team member or a captain do?
  4. Depth of knowledge in the Games or sports. i.e. Question from size of the playground/court sizes and rules of the game and recent world records in the game etc.
  5. Which player do you like most and why?
  6. What do you want to improve in your team in the game/sports you play etc.

A good youth with a good physique should play a game in his spare time, So everyone will have a game/sports to play. If you don’t have a game to play just join any club of your interest and start playing. Get a good knowledge of the game which you play.


Leadership and organizing ability are important qualities of every officer. The IO may give a situation to check our organizing ability.

For Example:-  If you are going on an industrial visit tour to the nearby industry. Suddenly your coordinator meets with an accident and is not able to come How will you arrange the tour and make it a successful one. I.O may create a situation like this and ask questions on that to see your reactions.

            If you play a game or sports, how you will organize that game etc.


The Co-curricular and Extracurricular activities include such as N.S.S., N.C.C., Volunteer of blood donation association, Friends of Police, etc.

  1. Why did you join N.C.C / N.S.S?
  2. What do you achieve by joining that activity?
  3. Positions held in that organization?
  4. Grade of certificates got, such as A,B,C etc.
  5. Who motivated you to join the N.C.C / N.S.S. etc?


In this part, the I.O may ask questions based on world issues or national issues and seek solutions for those issues. Also, he checks the depth of knowledge and our approach to the issues.

            For Example- He may ask the candidate’s views on terrorism and how can we overcome this problem.


Current Affairs are those events which are now a days taking place or which you see in Newspapers and in News Channels. At times at Service Selection Board, the interviewing officer puts some current affairs questions to you, to check how much interest you take in the current affair. If you ever meet an active person you will find that he will be having some basic idea about all the current ongoing events. So the same is expected from you, as a citizen of this country you should know what are new bill being passed in Parliament, what’s happening in sports. But for all this, you must not be worried as regularly reading the newspaper or watching a particular news channel can easily help you to answer but regularly not just 3 days before SSB.

            I.O doesn’t want you to be a complete Newspaper or Encyclopedia but you must have some basic idea and logic behind a few popular topics and that too mostly of your choice.

  He may ask questions on current affairs, both national and international.

            For Example- Tell me five important News you have read in the recent past etc.


If we go to the TGC entry i.e. Technical Graduation Course and TES, entry i.e. Technical Entry Scheme they may put forward some basic technical questions relating to our daily day-to-day life.

            For Example:- If we say that play cricket, he may ask how you will apply laws of physics to swing bowling etc.

Also how will you apply the Pythagoras theorem to the table tennis service etc? If you are from an engineering background the question could pertain to:

  1. Basic Network questions
  2. Basic physics laws
  3. Engineering fundamental questions

These questions aim to find out our practical knowledge. i.e. application of our theoretical knowledge in the practical day-to-day tasks, which is considered essential for a defense officer.


  1. What your co workers will talk about you?
  2. What would you say about boss?
  3. What would your boss say about you?
  4. Tell me about the company or organization in which work?
  5. Why did you leave your previous job?
  6. What do you like most in your job?
  7. What you don’t like in your job?
  8. What difficulties you faced in your job and what are the steps you have taken to overcome those difficulties?
  9. Why are you leaving the present job?


  • Look smart, cheerful and enthusiastic.
  • Enter the room with head held high and up righted chest as this gives you a confident look.
  • Never put your hands into your pocket leave out casually.
  • First impression is very important.
  • Prefer a formal dress of good quality and properly ironed.
  • Wear formal shoes.
  • Have proper hair cut before the interview and comb your hair well.
  • Wish the I.O. while entering the room.
  • Never raise your voice tone while telling about your achievements or reduce your voice tone while telling about your negative points.
  • Have logical answers for your positive and negative points.
  • Adopt a proper body language.
  • Never argue with the I.O.
  • Understand the questions clearly and answer that questions slowly and confidently.
  • Be audible but not too loud and appear keen to speak and respond to questions.
  • Sit straight and comfortably, do not fidget, do not keep moving your hands and legs as it may distract the interviewer from your responses.
  • If you have not understand anything politely ask for clarification or to repeat the question.
  • You are expected to be aware so as to touch upon current events if asked.
  • If you feel that you don’t know the answer, just say after thinking a while, sorry sir I don’t know the answer.
  • In case, if you didn’t get the question ask him by saying. Sorry sir, I beg your pardon, please repeat the question.
  • Never blame anyone for your shortcomings such as low marks due to teacher etc. Since they don’t want people who blame others for their shortcoming. They want people only who take every situation positively and try to overcome the shortcoming with hard work.

Don’t bluff to the I.O and be honest to yourself and the I.O. If you have those OLQs, surely the I.O will take you in.

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