TD College Jaunpur Entrance Exam Paper Last Year PDF Download

Hello friends, today I am going to provide Td College Jaunpur Entrance Exam Paper Last Year paper to all of you! With the help of which you are going to be of great help to all of you in the Entrance Exam of TD College!

I will give Td College Jaunpur Entrance Exam to all of you separately for all the faculties, in which you will have the exam papers of BA and BSc, LLB, LLM, B.Com, and Arts Faculty!

TD College Jaunpur Entrance Exam Paper Last Year

The question paper of any class of Td College Entrance Exam is not available to you on the internet nor on any YouTube channel, this is because after the entrance exam in Td College Jaunpur, your OMR Sheet as well as your Entrance Exam Question paper will be sent to you. Deposited!

TD College Jaunpur Entrance Exam Paper Last Year

Because of this, you do not get to see any question paper on the Internet and YouTube channel, but I will tell you the syllabus of all the faculties like – B.A and B.Sc, LL.B, LLM, B.Com, and Arts Faculty. Where questions are asked in your TD college entrance exam. This will give you an idea of ​​which books you need to read and from where.

TD College Jaunpur Entrance Exam Syllabus

To take admission in any faculty you have to give entrance exam in TD College, only then you can take admission in Tilakdhari Singh Mahavidyalaya! Different entrance exams are conducted for different faculties.

You have 100 objective type questions in the entrance exam, in which the questions are compulsory now! There is no negative marking of any kind in this!

Questions are asked according to your faculty with Reasoning and General Knowledge and language! In which 20 questions are definitely asked from the language!

In this, the same question paper comes for all the faculties, like the papers of BA, B.Sc, B.Com are the same! But some faculties have completely different papers!

LL.B Syllabus of TD College Entrance Exam

In LLB syllabus also you are asked 100 objective type questions divided into three sections

  • 1st Section- In the first section you will be asked 20 questions from General Knowledge Test.
  • 2nd Section- In the second section, you are asked 20 questions of the Language which are objective, in this either you have to do 20 questions of Hindi or you can attend the questions of English, either of these two languages you have chosen.
  • 3rd Section- In the third section, you are asked 60 questions related to subject aptitude, constitution, politics, Indian history, and Indian national movement.

LL.M Syllabus of TD College Entrance Exam

  • Candidate should have passed LLB with 50% marks.
  • The entrance test will be of 100 marks, it will have objective type questions related to constitution, jurisprudence, environmental law, contract, tort, international law, Indian penal code, and other subjects of law.
  • In LL.M surcharge mark (05) is payable only to internal student!

Faculty of TDPG College Jaunpur

CourseSheets Duration
Bachelor of Arts16073 Years
Bachelor of Science (Maths & Bio)9213 Years
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture2204 Years
Bachelor of Commerce3603 Years
M.Sc (Ag., Maths, Botany, Zoology, Physics)902 Years
M.Com802 Years
LL.M202 Years
LL.B3003 Years
M.A2102 Years

Which Book is Best for TD College Entrance Exam

If you want to prepare for the entrance exam of TD College, then you should start your preparation from work 2 months in advance!

For this, you have to buy Lucent’s General Knowledge book, and you have to take a Hindi grammar book along with it! This makes your preparation almost 80% ready!

Almost everyone has the Lucent General Knowledge book! In this your history, geography, general knowledge, constitution, politics, science, etc. are all covered!

For language, you can prepare from the book of English Grammar and Hindi Grammar! If you do not have a book, then you can prepare by joining the YouTube channel! Today, you are covered the complete syllabus of the Entrance Exam.


TD College is considered to be a very good college not only in Uttar Pradesh but in the whole country, students from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand and Madhya Pradesh come here to study!

There are a total of 13 faculties of undergraduate and postgraduate, where some more than 12 thousand students study. If you want to take admission here then it is mandatory for you to give entrance exam. You can get more and more information from its official website TD College!

General Question for TD College Jaunpur Entrance Exam

There are some questions related to TD College Jaunpur, which all of you ask again and again or you keep searching on Google, so let’s know the answers to those questions too!

TD College Jaunpur Entrance Exam Paper 2022

You can not download the td college jaunpur entrance exam paper 2022 because after the exam is over in TD college, you have to submit the question paper along with the OMR sheet!

TD College Entrance Exam Syllabus

You will get the TD College Entrance Exam Syllabus on the official website of the college, and I have told you all in my article as well!

TD College Jaunpur Online Form

The entrance exam form comes every year between the month of May and June, which you can fill both online and offline! Your exam is held in July or August. Your result comes after 1 week from the exam.

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